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What is advice if it has nothing to do with reality? Pretty useless, in most cases. Advice has to have added value, it has to reveal something that has been hidden from the commissioning party up until then. And advice has to be easy to put into practice.

Strategic advice

As the Netherlands Governmental CIO, and also as a member of various executive boards (both inside and outside of government), Dion Kotteman has gained a wealth of experience in organisational strategy. As a Gateway Review Team Leader, he has carried out an organisational review no less than 15 times. He has a natural talent for giving strategic advice that gets to the heart of the matter.

IT strategy advice

It started in 1981 with project management for the Netherlands National Police Force, and continued right up to the development of a Dutch Government Cloud: IT is a field Dion Kotteman knows all about. He is familiar with a wide spectrum of IT environments within organisations. Clients call him first when they want to take their organisation to the next level.

Project analysis and review

Dion Kotteman has been in charge of various large-scale, high-profile projects, including the Schengen Information System, both in the Netherlands and in Europe, and numerous major IT projects for financial institutions, such as ABN AMRO and the ING Group, as well as projects in the field of policing and security. As a certified Gateway Review Team Leader, he has carried out no less than 15 project reviews. Anyone who is familiar with his publications will not be surprised to learn that his focus is on the human factor. Dion kotteman is available to help clients with project analysis and reviews. The lead time of a review depends on the project, but the initial conclusions can usually be drawn within the first week. Find out how to get your project back on track!

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Advisory Services by Dion Kotteman | What is advice?

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