Dion Kotteman has delivered training courses and lectures on a whole range of subjects. About IT, about project management, about project sabotage, about agile working, about auditing and accounting, and about leadership. He was nominated as a lecturer of the year by the National Academy. He has a broad area of expertise and is able to draw on his insight gained from practical experience. This is supported by his national and international publications and books.

The format is flexible: a seminar, a training day with a small group, a short lecture for larger groups, or a longer lecture with self-study. And the content can be tailored to meet the needs of the specific subject or the specific sector. In 2015 Dion Kotteman gave 55 lectures and workshops. For businesses, universities, government organizations, and professional associations.

Education is very important to Dion Kotteman. With his many years of work experience, he provides insight and achievements in an accessible way to tackle this in practice. Dion Kotteman discusses real-life cases and discusses solutions and perspective.

In addition to education, Dion Kotteman is available for advisory services or presentations.

Advisory Services
“Dion gives advice with added value, advice to put into practice. Strategic advice, IT strategy advice, project analysis and review. Dion Kotteman has been in charge of various large-scale, high-profile projects and major IT-projects for institutions in the Netherlands and in Europe.”

”Dion calls upon his wealth of experience from the numerous management positions he has held. This is no armchair theoretician who has not managed in the real world. He has also taken the opportunity to describe his experiences in a number of books. They are full of practical tips that can be applied immediately.”

Education | Training, Seminars and Lectures by Dion Kotteman

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