Experience is not something you pick up in an afternoon. Furthermore, experience is not always a guarantee for success. It is what you do with your experience, that is the issue. Dion has systematically refined his experience over the years. He has held numerous management positions:

  • from IT project leader to chief of criminal investigation
  • from program director with major banks to a riot police squad commander
  • from assistant chief constable to supervisory director of an insurance company
  • from crisis manager to chairman of the national council of central government CIOs
  • from delegation leader at the European Union to a member of the management board of the National Criminal Intelligence Division
  • from an IT consultant with a consultancy firm to the boss of his own private company

The common thread throughout all of this experience has been leadership: serving in so many different positions he has developed tried and trusted leadership skills.

With his experience, he can provide a solid basis for good management. Management that is result-orientated, people-oriented, and above all professional. This management experience is now available for hire.

Peter Koch

Peter Koch

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