The Project Saboteur is a bestseller in Netherlands and Germany and now available in English.

“It’s an original and quirky take on a huge problem that everyone knows about and no one discusses.”

From: Dion Kotteman, Project Management Expert

About: Book release: The Project Saboteur

Content: New view on project manipulation

Reference: Best seller form Germany and the Netherlands now in English in a revised version

Date: 15thof March 2019

ISBN 978-1-910461-42-6

Every project has opponents who try to manipulate it for their gain. That is the hidden truth.
People have the inclination to adjust the truth to suit themselves and thus serve their own interests: More Power, More Income, More Respect. Based on one’s own interest, matters are portrayed in a better light and budgets are intentionally drawn up incorrectly. All of this is done with the express aim of influencing decision-making.

This is often denied or hidden. Good projects intentionally gone bad is a reality in every business. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it’s just a matter of time. Remember: not even one third of the projects executed is successful!
Until now, little attention has been paid to the art of undermining and manipulating projects. Yet annually many millions of pounds are squandered due to project sabotage. If more attention is given to the motivation and methods of project saboteurs, it could be combatted. This leads to large savings and better project results.
This book provides a deep insight from the perspective of the project saboteur and offers the tools necessary to manipulate a project successfully and professionally. In a humorous way it shows how you can manipulate the truth and what influence such manipulation can have on the course of the project. Understand the tricks!

The book also tells you how to counter all this. The good news is: you can beat them.
Many real life cases are described. In this way you are able to recognise and also combat the insidious conspirators successfully! Beat the saboteurs at their own game. The saboteur won’t win. Instead, you do!


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