The presentations of Dion are full of enthusiasm, and there is a great deal of interaction with the audience. He challenges the audience, answers their questions, debates the issues, and is never boring. Plus there is a healthy dose of humour as well. Nobody falls asleep in these presentations!

Dion calls upon his wealth of experience from the numerous management positions he has held. This is no armchair theoretician who has not managed in the real world. He has also taken the opportunity to describe his experiences in a number of books. They are full of practical tips that can be applied immediately.

An additional plus factor is that the presentations can be given in Dutch, fluent English, or fluent French.

Dion is registered at the Assemblee Speakers Bureau.

Dion Kotteman has years of experience with many large projects, lots of knowledge and practical tips to tackle problems, this is discussed and explained during a presentation.

In addition to lectures and presentations, Dion also provides advice and training.
“Dion gives advice with added value, advice to put into practice. Strategic advice, IT strategy advice, project analysis and review. Dion Kotteman has been in charge of various large-scale, high-profile projects and major IT-projects for institutions in the Netherlands and in Europe.”

“Dion delivered training courses, lectures, workshops and seminars. About IT, project management, project sabotage, agile working, auditing, accounting and leadership.”

Presentations by Dion Kotteman | management, IT strategy and projects.

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