The Project Saboteur

The Project Saboteurs are in every project.  In projects, some opponents will try to manipulate it so that the result better suits them. A naive idea? Hardly! People have the inclination to adjust the truth to suit themselves and serve their own interests: more power, more income, more respect.

How to deal with project saboteur?

Even though it is rampant, little attention has been to the art of undermining and manipulating projects. And yet annually many millions are squandered as a result of project sabotage. If more attention is given to the motivation and methods of project saboteurs, this will lead to large savings and better project results.

A must read for project managers

This book explains how to sabotage a project, the motivations that guide the project saboteur. It tells the alliances the project saboteur might make, and most importantly, how to stop him. It includes real-life case studies, examples, and helpful checklists and tables to determine if there’s a project saboteur at work.

Working in large projects. Everyone has different interests and wants the best for his or her own interests, even if these are detrimental to a project. You already have them there: The Project Saboteurs. Project Saboteurs can ensure a different outcome for projects, allow them to last longer so that it costs more money, thwart until the project has failed

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The Project Saboteur by Dion Kotteman | Management must-read

Order the book at your local bookstore ISBN: 978-1910461136

Order the Project Saboteur now and win information for success